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Creation of sites

  • Technical specification

    Not a single pixel can be hidden from our view. We draw up a technical task for development, which includes everything from site sections to fonts

    Design concept

    At the heart of the site, we introduce a unique idea that brings sacred joy for adults and children. It flows with beauty and functionality from the main page to the depths of the catalog.

    Layout and

    Sophisticated technical executions, cold-blooded coding, and inhumane testing. Now the site is doomed to work forever.


    Photos, texts, banners-everything is carefully placed by our experts in its place.


    This is when we don’t just pop the photoshop window and repaint the pixels.


    In attempts to analyze the technical report and brief, the General concept of the site is developed. From visual design to functionality.


    What about alien images? As well as other drawings and forms of the upcoming site that will give you an idea of what will come out of it?

    Justified beauty

    We study users and their characteristics to find the optimal design solution on the verge of unearthly beauty and functionality. And if in one case the best solution is alien images, in another it is, for example, a fascinating infographic.


    Each of the site’s pages is designed, developed and filled so thoroughly that you want to get as deep as possible. At the same time, visual elements, information blocks, and catalog items all follow a single design concept.

    Accurately cut and reliably encode —
    this way the layout turns into a website.


    Modern, neat, perfect. Even the most fastidious browser will love it.

    We can also make an adaptive site that displays equally well on all devices. From smartphone and tablet to laptop and black-and-white TV. And you can go to the site even on the bus, even in the Museum of dusty equipment.


    From the cost calculator to the online constructor of online constructors, we will program everything you need. And if more details:

    Creating new modules and upgrading existing ones
    Updating the site management system
    Linking your 1C database and other accounting systems to your site
    Creating backups
    Transferring a site to hosting


    We send it to a black hole, teleport it to different browsers, cut it with a laser, subject the code to alien experiments, and click it a thousand times everywhere we go. The result is a perfect website.

How we work

  • Discussion and agreement

    Discussion and agreement

    Meeting. Discussion. Task. Contract.
  • Development and improvements

    Development and improvements

    Development and improvements
  • Delivery of finished work

    Delivery of finished work

    We complete the work on time and hand it over to the customer.
  • Incredible results

    Incredible results

    You get more orders and customers.